Policyholder Complaints.
Prior to submitting your complaint to the Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (IRCSL) we would advise you to read through and familiarize yourself with the following steps.


Step 1

If your claim has been rejected or an inordinate time has been taken to resolve same (i.e. > than 2 months from the date of loss/damage) or you are not satisfied with the manner in which it has been resolved,

  • kindly contact your insurer and submit you grievance/ appeal in writing to an officer of appropriate designation in the relevant division/department that deals with your claim (i.e. if a motor claim –> Motor Claims Department)
  • pursue your grievance/ appeal with the relevant officer and ensure you receive a written response with the decision of the insurer,
  • in the event you haven’t received a written response within a reasonable time period or you are further dissatisfied with the response received, then you may submit a complaint to IRCSL.


Step 2

Please be advised that it is not mandatory for an aggrieved claimant to submit a complaint to IRCSL prior to seeking any: other redress as per insurance policy terms and conditions or seeking redress through a competent court of law. Anytime after submitting a complaint to IRCSL, a claimant may initiate any other remedial action, keeping IRCSL informed of same.

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Written complaints should be forwarded as follows:

Director General,
Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka,
Level 11, East Tower,
World Trade Centre,
Echelon Square,
Colombo 1.

Tel: +94 11 2335167