Insurance Companies.
It always pays to be prepared is a common dictum. But, it is equally true that ...
Insurance Brokers.
Insurance Brokering Companies in their mandate of providing brokering services are ...
Loss Adjusters.
“loss adjuster” means a person who has specialized knowledge in investigating ...
Policyholder Complaints.
Prior to submitting your complaint to the Insurance Regulatory Commission
Designation Name Contact details
Director General Mrs. Damayanthi Fernando 0773776965
Director (Supervision) Mrs. Chamarie Ekanayake 0776825462
Director (Finance and Administration) Mr. Sathiesh Kumar 0764617397
Director (Investigation) Mrs. Prabhashini Samarakoon 0714434228
Director (Market Development and External Relations)

Mrs. Deepika Navarathne


Assistant Director (Legal)

Mr. G Rajan Nirubasingham


Assistant Director (Market Development and External Relations) Mr. Bimsara Wijesinghe 0774363173
Assistant Director (Supervision)

Mrs. Sarika Wattuhewa


Assistant Director (Finance and Administration)

Mr. Channa Kevitiyagala


Assistant Director (Investigation) Mrs. Chamari Buddhika