Policyholder Complaints

Prior to submitting your complaint to the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IRCSL) we would advise you to read through and familiarize yourself with the following steps.
Step 1

If your claim has been rejected or an inordinate time has been taken to resolve same (i.e. > than 2 months from the date of loss/damage) or you are not satisfied with the manner in which it has been resolved,

  • kindly contact your insurer and submit you grievance/ appeal in writing to an officer of appropriate designation in the relevant division/department that deals with your claim

        (i.e. if a motor claim --> Motor Claims Department),

  • pursue your grievance/ appeal with the relevant officer and ensure you receive a written response   with the decision of the insurer,
  • in the event you haven’t received a written response within a reasonable time period or you are further dissatisfied with the response received, then you may submit a complaint to IRCSL.
Step 2

Please be advised that it is not mandatory for an aggrieved claimant to submit a complaint to IRCSL prior to seeking any other redress as per insurance policy terms and conditions or seeking redress through a competent court of law.

Anytime after submitting a complaint to IRCSL, a claimant may initiate any other remedial action, keeping IRCSL informed of same.

Click here to submit your complaint.

Written complaints should be forwarded as follows:

Director General
Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka,
Level 11, East Tower,
World Trade Centre, Echelon Square,
Colombo 1.

Tel: +94 11 2335167