Replacement of existing Determination #1 with new changes


Determination  1 – 01/03/2011 as amended on –

(i)    20/10/2011 (amendments made to single investment exposure limits in Shares (b),
       Corporate Debts (c) and Deposits (d) stated in Table A in Determination # 1);

(ii)    28/05/2012 (amendments made to the description of asset backed securities for General and
        Long Term Insurance Business – c (iv) of Table A in    Determination # 1);

(iii)     22/06/2012 (amendments made to items (G) and (H) in Determination # 1); and  

(iv)    01/04/2016 (amendments made to items (c), (f) and (i); inclusion of new items (d) (iii) and (j);
         deleting item (e) (iii) and note under item (e) of Table A; replacement of item (D) and
         (I) and removal of the Schedule of Determination #1).

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